I Wanna Know

Directed by Russell Stedman for 325 productions UK


Just A Ride are 4 men influenced by the sound of Altrock of the 90s with a modern day approach. Formed in late 2015, the brainchild of Drew Lowe (guitarist) wanting to write and create exactly want he wanted too setting his sights on forming a group with like minded people with the same ideas as him. He quickly contacted Eddie Hoffman (bass player) having played in cover bands together discovering they had similar influences and wanting to create the same music they set there sights on writing demos and finding the voice of the band.

This was no easy search but the long wait, listening to countless demos only to find a chance meeting with Rod Henderson (singer) was worth every minute. Drew had known Rod from his previous band which he had joined briefly so the friendship and history was already there. With home demos in place the last piece of the puzzle was yet to be found. Enter Alex Bailey (Drummer). A perfect match with his influence of hard rock and a powerful tight drum sound made this band ready for the big leagues straight away. With a bunch of demos the band took their sound to the studio to record their debut 2 track EP 'I wanna Know'. Produced by Dave Draper (Fort Hope, The WildHearts) and released worldwide digitally on July 17th 2017 followed by a video release of the single 'I wanna know' to coincide with the EP.

Reviews so far have been nothing short of praise with 'Rockshot Magazine saying ''Within the first few seconds you’re totally and completely hooked '' describing the band as ''a tasty slice of dark rock that’s gone bad and turned grungy''.

Guitarist and co founder Drew Lowe says ''I just wanted to write music that excited me and the band. I didn't want to put any pressure on ourselves to get signed as you end up writing songs that you think people want which turns out to be everything you don't want. If you love what you do and write, this will translate to the people listening.''